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Before Your First Lesson​

Prior to driving with a new driving instructor you will be requested to show evidence that you are licenced and entitled to drive. You will be required to show evidence that the licence you hold, be it provisional or full, is active for the vehicle category for which you are seeking training. Failure to show the instructor this information may result in your lesson not proceeding.


Follow the steps below to provide the required information.




You will need

  • your driving licence number

  • your National Insurance number

  • the postcode on your driving licence

Click on the                                             button



Enter your details into the boxes provided

Click on the                                 button



You will then see details about your licence.

Click on the                                         button



You will then have the opportunity to create the check code.

Click on the                                             button



A check code will then be issued to you.

Email the Check Code and the last 8 characters of your driving licence number to so your licence details can be checked by your instructor.

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