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Discover the 21 questions, from which you will be asked two, as part of your practical driving test with their answers.

Useful Websites

Some useful websites that may enhance, improve and enjoy your driver training and driving experience.

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Test Date Availability

You will probably want to take your practical driving test in my car. However, I have a lot of customers and I can only be one place at a time. Ensure that I am free on your day before you book your test.

Parental Assistance

Are you a parent or guardian who is or has trained a learner driver? Do you want to ensure that you have covered the minimum requirements for the test? Check this page to ensure your learner has the basic skills to enable them to pass.

Theory Preparation

I can support you through your theory test studies, including the hazard perception. Assistance can be provided with locating a test centre near you.

Pay Per Lesson

I have a diverse range of payment options and special offers. You can either pay online by credit or debit card, bank transfer or in the vehicle at the point of lesson delivery.

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