Manual Gear

Acquiring your full licence with a manual geared vehicle is the best way as you can drive an automatic with a manual licence but not the other way round.

Automatic Gear

Automatic driving lessons cannot be supplied by me but please contact for more infomation regarding local service suppliers.

Skid Pan Training

I am expanding my services to provide you with the opportunity to access skid pan training to enhance your driving skills and enable you to become a safer driver.

Pre-Test Lessons

Almost ready for your test? Need last minute validation that you are ready or access to an insured vehicle for test day. Give me a call and see how I can help.

Theory Preparation

I can support you through your theory test studies, including the hazard perception. Assistance can be provided with locating a test centre near you.

Pay Per Lesson

I have a diverse range of payment options and special offers. You can either pay online by credit or debit card, bank transfer or in the vehicle at the point of lesson delivery.

Want To Schedule Your First Lesson?